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Five out of 25 winners in the

2019 Mississippi Poetry Society contest are Wellers!

Two won other awards! 

This video explains our vision and 


Some Mentored Students' Testimonies

Endorsement: Angie Thomas, author of New York Times #1 bestseller, and the movie, The Hate U Give, and Jackson native

"I wish I had had the chance to be a part of a group such as The Well Writers Guild! My first novel and the movie are dreams come true. Joe Maxwell taught me in college writing classes and gave me great encouragement to pursue my goals. I still lean on Joe for advice and encouragement, and I am excited to support The Well Writers Guild on several levels. I may even get the chance to lead workshops that include your child!"

Endorsement: John Evans, owner and operator, Lemuria Books

"This is a fantastic idea with potential to make a big difference in the lives of a lot of young people in our area. Already we've seen scores of young people involved with The Well Writers Guild attend one of our book signings. It was the first time some had entered a book store. That's progress."

Writing Coach for Adult Authors

Every writer needs a coach, as do singers, instrumentalists, and athletes. Do you have an idea for a book? Does the writing journey seem daunting? Maybe you wonder, "Where do I start and how to I know that I'm on track?" A coach helps navigate such questions. As president of The Well Writers Guild and the for-profit LifeStory Publishing, I've helped countless writers improve their skills and achieve their aspirations. To arrange a coaching consultation, contact me, Joe Maxwell, at [email protected] If we have already set a plan, click here for payment options

Write on! Joe Maxwell

Visual "prompts" inspire creative writing in "Wellers"

This class is creating amazing stories that are prompted by viewing a single photo or phrase. It's just one exercise that takes top young talent into new writing experiences. Natural abilities kick in. Staggering stories are crafted. Students read works aloud, accept critique and master speaking skills. Fellow "Wellers" offer pointers. Rewrites teach editing. Such visual prompts are just one way writing is accelerated and enjoyed. Recently this same class walked Jackson's Old Capitol grounds, notebooks in hand. They described visuals such as trees, sky, buildings, statues, cars, birds and people; sounds such as silence, engines, wind and voices; and much more. Using personification, metaphor and simile, they then created short stories including each element from their descriptive writing exercise. 

Weller releases first book!

To buy your copy of Lauren Hill's book, click here!

Sixteen-year-old Lauren Hill weaves plots that are moral puzzles. Each has twists, turns and satisfying endings. Teen readers will naturally “get” her stories. Parents will better understand the challenges youth face today. Don’t be fooled because of the author’s age! These stories are highly enjoyable, believable, and satisfying!

Newly Published Weller Writing

"This is show choir."

Lights surround you. Smiles, spotlights, and music brightly light up the stage in a huge burst of excitement. And so the show begins.

    The show is a collection of songs and dances, backed up by lights and instruments, all brought together within months of practicing with hard work and dedication put into the show.

    Show choir encourages confidence in music and yourself. When you think of a choir, you don’t normally think of competitions; wild, crazy cheering, and chanting from an audience of people.    

   Nothing can ever match the adrenaline and astounding magic of being on stage. This is not a normal choir, ladies, and gentlemen. This is show choir. Continued.

Three new "Wellers" articles

Eden Cross (left),Elizabeth Elkins (middle), and Allie Brock recently completed their first three-month program with The Well Writers Guild. These talented young ladies have a deep love of reading and an equally deep love for writing. Always with smiles on their faces, they have been developing their skills, working in Weller mentoring sessions and outside of classes on their own to improve their abilities. The Well Writers Guild is now thrilled to present to you their first full feature articles. Go to Wellers' writing.

Fashioning a writing environment

Writing is as much earned as learned. Great writers benefit by interacting with more mature writers, who can help them polish their craft while offering infectious, stimulating encouragement! At The Well Writers Guild's beautiful writing center, we pair your talented child with an accomplished writer who helps to mentor your child. A mentor and child share the writing experience and work within the context of a real relationship. Young writers thrive in such settings. Having one-on-one instruction by someone who "knows the ropes" is invaluable and virtually impossible to find for your child--except at The Well Writers Guild!

Publishing your child

The Well Writers Guild will feature excellent writing from its students. Their works may be published in the local popular magazine, Parents & Kids! In publishing their work, these all-star students get the thrill of seeing their work in print and online and of knowing that readers are enjoying their efforts. Such encouragement propels our young writers to reach for even greater things! For qualifying students, The Well Writers Guild offers the opportunity to publish their own books!

Recent Weller Writing

Doing "school" our way.

As Harrison stands, preparing to recite Latin from memory, the eyes of his eager classmates are waiting to hear his presentation of Veni, Veni Emmanuel, the original Latin version of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. His posture is neat and comfortable, his voice is strong and clear, and occasionally, he gestures or comes up to one of his fellow students. Eye contact and inflection is everything. He is

wearing a neat, red uniform, the same as all the other boys in his class. He is confident, proud, and his capacity of knowledge is quite impressive for another sixth grader. Some people who don’t homeschool or don’t know what homeschooling is think that homeschooled students don’t learn as much, aren’t challenged, or don’t have enough homework. They think that the students have it too easy and that they don’t have any activities or social life. And since they don’t know what it is, they’re inclined to think that homeschooling is unorganized. Continued.

The Well Writers Guild identifies talented young writers in Mississippi and helps them advance

their creative skills while enjoying peer interaction and experiencing the thrill of being published.