The Well Writers Guild

             Teaching young talent the craft of writing​

New York Times #1 Bestselling author of The Hate U Give & Jackson Native, Angela Thomas

"I wish I had had the chance to be a part of a group such as The Well Writers Guild! My first novel and the ensuing movie contract is a dream come true. Joe Maxwell taught me in college writing classes and gave me great encouragement to pursue my goals. I still lean on Joe for advice and encouragement, and I am excited to support The Well Writers Guild on several levels. I may even get the chance to lead workshops that include your child!"

WAPT Sports Director Joshua Jackson

"The Well Writers Guild is a fantastic new development for writers in the Jackson area. As someone who came up through local school systems, I can say that this would have been a tremendous resource. Mr. Maxwell taught me in college and he can take your child to the next level. Everyday I use skills imparted by Mr. Maxwell as I write the news that I then read on TV. You can trust Joe Maxwell and his mentors to make a difference in your child's life!"

Parents & Kids Magazine's Executive Editor, Gretchen Cook

"As a fellow editor and publisher who knows Joe Maxwell personally, I can say that he is immensely qualified. The Well Writers Guild is creating cutting-edge solutions that can take your child's love of, and talent in, writing and energize and refine them. We also look forward to publishing The Well Writers Guild's top young writers when their work is ready for mass-readership!"