The Well Writers Guild

             Teaching young talent the craft of writing​

Madeline Burdine, 2018 Summer College Intern, Rising Junior

I naturally say “our” board because that is exactly how Mr. Joe Maxwell has made me feel throughout the course of this summer. When I moved to Jackson to begin this internship, I had no idea the immense amount of opportunity that I would get my hands on. Being the go-getter that I am, those opportunities were vastly optimized and more doors continued to open for the sake of my writing endeavors.

From the time spent being mentored by Mr. Maxwell, to the new genres of articles I was encouraged to write, to shadowing multiple incredible influencers, I can honestly say that this internship has been the greatest experience, and I am forever grateful.

Pursuing a career in writing is difficult, and few opportunities like this come around for young writers. I am thankful for God’s provision and for Mr. Maxwell’s heart to mentor young people like me in a manner that meets success.

Sarah Miller, mother of Katie Miller, age 10

Thank you for spending your time working with these kids. It is speaking volumes of truth, goodness, and beauty into their lives in such a fun way.

Justin Brock, father of Ellie Brock, age 12

I know that it has been a tremendous sacrifice of time and energy that you have made to offer these classes and other opportunities to our child and other's children. You have no idea how much of a difference it makes in their lives. I can't overstate it.

Elizabeth Hearn, mother of Houston Hearn, age 13

It's impossible to overstate what the Well group has meant to Houston. He's made close friends who are also writers, and he loves the writing opportunities. He wouldn't miss it for the world and I am very grateful.

Brooks Elfert, mother of Lucy Elfert, age 14

For years, I knew that writing was an activity that Lucy both enjoyed and needed in her life, but I struggled to provide opportunities where she could really grow and develop her gift. Well Writers Guild is a perfect fit, and I am truly grateful that Lucy has the opportunity to participate in a writing group that both offers her community and challenges her mind.

Yolunda Brown, mother of Kamilah Brown, age 16

I love that you inspire these young people to write. Under your tutelage Kamilah actually fancies herself a good writer and enjoys the process. Please know we are grateful and very much expect to continue with the group, just not now. I hope this will not cause her to miss out on the steps and processes involved in becoming a writer. I know she has a story to tell!